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Website Services

Domain Name( R 150 
Domain Name (.com)R 150/ Annual Fee 
Hosting (5 Page WordPress) Starter       R95/ monthly fee
Hosting (WordPress 10 Pages)R 125/ Monthly
E-commerce WebsiteR 290/ Monthly

Design Services

LogosTemplate Based R 290
Professional LogoR 950
WebsiteStarterR 950
WordPress (5 Page)R 1350
WordPress (10 Pages)R 1 800 
For every additional 5 PagesR 950
E - Commerce (DIY)R 950
E-commerce (Designed)R 6 950 
500 Business Cards (Litho Print)Single SidedR 750
 Double SidedR 990

Website Design Phases

Phase 1: 

-A 30 minute Interview with the Client to describe their business for content.

-Once proof of Payment and derbit oder mandate is received, the Job Number is SMSed to Client and the Web design begins.

Phase 2: 

-Website is Online and the Emails are set in 3 days.

-Client SMSed to schedule an appointment for any additional changes.

-On completiion of the changes or after a week of no response from the client the site is deemed to be finished and set to Phase 3

Phase 3: 

An y Futher changes on the website at this point is billed at R250 per Hour or part thereof. (Minimum billing R50).


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